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How to use instagram as a dating app

how to use instagram as a dating app

Feb 19, 2014  · Glimpse is the latest new dating app App Helps You Meet Hotties Through Instagram. the app. If you don't actively use Instagram to.
Dec 03, 2013  · HotYooToo - Instagram Dating. 920. MBT Limited Social. First Instagram based dating app! With our local dating app.
Are dating app users truly interested in getting a sepia-tinted view of the world through a Although people have been using Instagram as a de facto dating app.

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And what social network has a setup simpler than Instagram? Elizabeth Wisdom and Dennis Lafargue would argue as much. The now-engaged and newly Internet famous couple met over the app, traded flirty comments and eventually numbers, and even documented their engagement on the app.

Lafargue prepared a timeline of their relationship represented with Instagram photos; not just their moments together, but their own separate, first moments using the app and setting up their accounts. Wisdom and Lafargue are hardly the only couple to tell this story. Earlier this year, iCarly actress Jennette McCurdy and NBA star Andre Drummond connected thanks to social networks.

Drummond used Twitter and Instagram to profess his interest in McCurdy, whose Twitter followers urged her to check him out. So naturally, she did her Internet homework first. And judging by the amount of me-related posts he had shared, it seemed he had how to use instagram as a dating app expressing his crush on me for quite some time. I found it sweet, gutsy, and flattering. But during their relationship, the two documented their time together on Instagram.

Poking through their Instagram accounts is like watching a highlight reel of the relationship. And the beautiful filters and sentiments, the ideal lighting and memorable locations, are simply hypnotizing. Photo after gorgeous photo, praising one another, it sucks you in. I can understand why people fall for each other on Instagram: Everything feels magic.

Instagram gives us the ability to share a lot of gorgeous details: New haircuts, extravagant dinners, awe-inspiring vacations; but we skip over the important, broader characteristics. That right there is why dating apps exist. This should mean that tried-and-true dating sites are safer, and work better — so why is Instagram doing such a good job? Further proof are apps like Kisstagram HotOrNot for Instagram and InstaDating no explanation needed to make your intentions more official.

Yet obscured intentions might be part of the appeal. Instagram is more spontaneous, more happen-stance than that. Even if you are actively looking, no one but you has to know. Randomly friending someone on Facebook is forward and foreign; doing it on Instagram is par for the course.

You like what you see on Facebook, which is usually nothing more than a profile picture and maybe a few other bits and pieces; on Instagram, you like what someone else is seeing.

This little barrier — he likes my photos, my creativity, my funny captions — makes us more comfortable. Not only are romantic relationships being made on Instagram, but friendships are too. I made some of my best friends on that trip. We all talk on almost a daily basis. Peter Cowans and Zitta John Cowans followed each other on Instagram for years, he living in the U.

Both he and Zitta recall how they would Like photos or leave comments, but that it was six months before they actually spoke. The newlyweds, clearly enamored with one another and sharing a webcam, held hands the whole time. This crush on the other side of the world.

The support goes further: Living thousands of miles apart and just married, Zitta decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise money to see her husband, how to use instagram as a dating app. While friends and family donated, so did strangers who had followed their story. The couple also auctioned off items from their wedding to fund their travels to meet each other, which Instagram followers bid on. A lot of Instagrammers have that in common. Similarly, when you share a grand experience with somebody, you form a much stronger bond with them.

Our friendship goes beyond a simple iPhone app. Maybe all these love stories and friendships spurred by the app happen because we show people the best pieces of ourselves and our lives, and then we work to epitomize them. Maybe seeing is believing, and we connect to, trust — and fall in love — with people through how to use instagram as a dating app better than we do contrived sentences in questionnaire form.

But what better way to explore this trend than to live it? And then we had coffee. We love to travel, but the west coast still feels like home. Send Us Your News Tip. Best Smartphones and Cell Phones. Enjoy this ad free visit to. Digital Trends, courtesy of. Patronize the DT Shop, how to use instagram as a dating app.

Visit our Deals page. Share our content on your favorite social network. Use Google Contributer to see less ads. Couples often document their more romantic moments on Instagram, but the engagement — and relationship — was much more intertwined with the app.

Sadly, it was not a love that lasted — as evidenced by the many Vine videos McCurdy posted hinting at the breakup. Zitta explained the odd reality of an attraction through Instagram. Eventually they struck up a long-distance romance.

Maybe all those aspirational images are actually making us become the people we Instagram to be.

how to use instagram as a dating app

How to use instagram as a dating app - Black Cat

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Earlier this year, iCarly actress Jennette McCurdy and NBA star Andre Drummond connected thanks to social networks. After you post, you can click each hashtag to see all public Instagram photos with the same hashtag. City of Zagreb, Croatia. From here, you can search for accounts and keywords by typing in the "Search" bar at the top of the screen.. We all talk on almost a daily basis.