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Bacon dating app gif

bacon dating app gif

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Sep 16, 2015  · Watch video  · The iPhone app is a similar to other dating apps: connect with Facebook, answer a few questions and the app matches you with people nearby.
Oscar Mayer‘s latest gimmick is a dating app to help bacon lovers meat one another. The puns are endless, as one of tag lines for this program, aptly dubbed Sizzl. bacon dating app gif

Bacon dating app gif - Pornstar, Bitch

To prevent confusion, the app refers to the poultry version as "turkey bacon" and the pork version as "bacon-bacon. Post your own housing listing on Uloop and have students reach out to you! Morgan Baskin is a USA TODAY fall intern. FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Tour our smart apartment. Please select an image to upload. From the Apple iPod to Google driverless cars, we run down the technologies. Dating Apps are Getting Overwhelming

Your love of bacon could find you true love in real life with Sizzl, an Oscar Mayer dating app that matches people according to bacon preference. You could even call it a meat market.

What if there was an app like Tinder, but the hot mexican sports news girl takes off clothes thing you had to worry about in your quest for love or hookups was a mutual interest in bacon? The only option for using the app is to sign up with Facebook and hand over some of your profile information. I wondered if my profile photo showing the three members of fictional hard-rock band Spinal Tap huddled around a Les Paul would improve or hinder my chances of finding my perfect bacon match.

The app, released Wednesday, asks you a series of questions about your bacon likes and dislikes. Would you split the last piece of bacon with your date? Do you like your bacon crispy? Do you prefer pork or turkey bacon? There is no vegetarian option. To prevent confusion, the app refers to the poultry version as "turkey bacon" and the pork version as "bacon-bacon.

The screen pulses with bacon-y colors the longer you hold it. The other option is to nix the person and app gor midhet dating on to the next. Perhaps the gender spread will even out over time. People with mutual matches can talk to each other.

In my short time using the app, I failed to find a suitable bacon match, even though I "sizzled" everybody. I blame my Spinal Tap profile photo.

As far as meat-related marketing stunts go, Sizzl ranks pretty high. A lot of effort went into parodying bacon dating app gif Tinder-style dating apps that are so popular right now. I guess that depends on whether you find your true bacon love through the app. Amazon boldly goes where no smart speaker has gone before - by letting you speak to it like the computer aboard the Starship Enterprise. Today in tech headlines, Sprint buys a third of Tidal, Google makes its first update to its Voice service in a while and Samsung is moving forward with the Note brand.

Best smart home devices. Tour our smart apartment. Tour our smart house. Sign In to CNET. Could dating app for bacon lovers find you a sizzling romance? This crazy camera could be a boon to VR filmmakers. Wiener Rover, an all-terrain hot-dog-delivery machine, knows no fear. Bacon alarm clock wafts meat odors from your iPhone.

Adobe touches up Android apps for Chromebook education push. Google Voice overhauled with group messaging support and more.

Discuss: Could dating app for bacon lovers find you. Conversation powered by Livefyre. Talk to Amazon Echo like the Star Bacon dating app gif computer. Sprint buys one-third of Tidal, Samsung will keep the Note brand, bacon dating app gif.